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Principal's Message

Dear Students and Parents,
This Student - Parent Handbook contains information that is important and useful. Please read it thoroughly and thoughtfully. The guidelines that follow are written in order to create an environment conducive to learning and a school where all feel safe and secure. The expectations for behavior written in our handbook are based on respecting the rights and dignity of others. Our school can continue to be an outstanding community when we all demonstrate respectful and responsible behavior.
The high school years provide each student with the wonderful opportunity to discover his or her unique talents and gifts. One way to learn is through participation in the variety of clubs, organizations and teams that exist at Montville High School. There are outstanding athletic teams and musical programs as well as literary and drama clubs and academic groups that will help any individual learn more about him/herself, and to develop friendships that may last a lifetime.
The high school years are unsurpassed in the unique and memorable opportunities that will present themselves. Students need to study hard, challenge themselves, set high goals and enjoy the experience. Becoming involved in school will accomplish these goals.
The faculty and staff will offer help along the way. Please ask for our assistance. Along with everyone at Montville High School, I wish you an exciting and successful year.