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Social Studies

Theodore Richmond, Department Chair
The Social Studies department offers a wide range of courses, both required and elective, in order to appeal to the varied interests of our students. Freshmen students study a combination of Western and Non-Western cultures in our World History 1 & 2 courses while sophomores must take Civics and United States History I. At the junior level, students must take United States History II, but this course is offered in a variety of formats, including Advanced Placement, to accommodate students’ needs. Sophomores through seniors are offered a wide range of electives including Connecticut and Local History, Contemporary Issues, Modern Europe, Psychology, Sociology, Journalism, African American and Latino Studies, History through Film, and American Law. Qualified students may potentially earn college credits through our Advanced Placement courses in American Government and Politics and Psychology.
It is the department's goal to provide our students with a wide variety of courses that creates or enhances an already existing interest in the humanities. The department specifically focuses on the skills of critical reading, logical thinking, research, and writing in order to better prepare our students for either the college experience or the skilled professions.