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Technology Education

Douglas Wheeler, Department Chair
Technology Education is a comprehensive, action-based, hands-on educational program concerned with the ways humans use communication, construction, manufacturing and transportation systems to adapt to their environment for social purposes. Content and activities take advantage of students' interests in discovering, creating, problem solving and constructing with a variety of tools, machines, materials, and processes within each of the four (4) systems of technology. Utilizing hands-on instructional activities, the intent of the program is to provide a balanced mix of theoretical, historical, and practical information. Technology Education will serve us well as we prepare students for life in a technological world.
The Technology Education program offers a curriculum that provides students with basic understandings and skills needed to function effectively in society. Since our democratic society is characterized by rapidly advancing technological developments, it is absolutely necessary for all people to understand technology in order to function as informed voters, productive workers, and wise consumers of technological products and services. Technological literacy is the ability to use, manage and understand technology. The long-term goal of Technology Education is to promote technological literacy for all.