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Family & Consumer Sciences

Addy Robarge, Department Chair
The Family and Consumer Sciences Department at Montville High School is dedicated to teaching students about practical life issues as a means to improve the quality of individual and family life and in preparation for higher education and careers. The knowledge and skills taught in our classes emphasize human growth and development, food and nutrition, decision making, and resource management. It is based on the belief that education can empower individuals, strengthen families, and improve communities. Culinary classes introduce students to nutrition, food preparation, and career skills and include Bake Shop, Culinary 1 and 2, World of Food, and Culinary Café.
The Child Development classes focus on preparing future parents for the responsibilities and joys of parenting and also for careers with children. Classes include Parenting/Birth to Three, Preschool, Teaching the Young Child, and ECE Human Development.
The Life Skills classes develop knowledge and skills necessary to succeed during high school and beyond graduation. The focus is on understanding oneself, strengthening relationships, and independent living, including Teen Living, Single Survival, and Personal Finance.
The Personal Finance graduation requirement is offered through the Life Management Department and emphasizes a basic understanding of money management, financial decision making, and consumer skills.
College credit can be earned through the Child Development and Culinary sequences of classes and also through the ECE Human Development class.


This year we are very excited to welcome back 3 and 4 year olds from the Montville community into our in-class Preschool. Attached you’ll find the flyer and the link to a Google Form Application. Please feel free to pass on to other Montville residents who might be interested. The program will run on B days from 10/17 through 12/22 from 9-10:15am. The schedule follows the high school schedule and is subject to change to accommodate school events, weather days, etc. Participants must provide an up-to-date vaccine record (please email to [email protected] or fax to MHS 860.848.0589) and be potty-trained during the program.
If you have any questions the best way to contact me is via email: [email protected].