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Athletic Hall of Fame


Target Dates

  • First Committee Meeting – early December
  • Formal Announcement of HOF class –Sunday, December 18th
  • Application Period for 2019 class – ends March 8th
  • Selection Meeting – Week of March 11th -15th
  • Formal Announcement of Second Class – March 31st
  • Induction Ceremony – TBA


The purpose of the Montville High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those Montville High School athletes, coaches, administrators and supporters who excelled in their respective sports or coaching/support roles and who helped to bring honor, recognition, distinction and excellence to Montville High School by their conduct both on and off the field, or court, of competition. This recognition will help maintain the spirit, pride and sense of community as well as serving as a historical account of the great athletic traditions of Montville High School.


  1. Committee
    1. The Montville High School Athletic Hall of Fame will have a committee consisting of a minimum of five people, one of whom will serve as chairman. Members of the committee must be approved by the Montville High School Principal.
    2. The Montville High School Principal and Athletic Director will serve ex-officio on this committee.
  2. Eligibility
    1. In order to be eligible for induction into the Montville High School Athletic Hall of Fame, a student-athlete must have graduated from Montville High School no less than ten years prior to their nomination.
    2. Anyone who has coached at Montville High School for a minimum of ten years will be eligible for induction.
    3. Eligibility of "contributors" will be determined by the committee.
    4. The committee reserves the right to induct individuals under special circumstances.
  3. Process of Selection
    1. A nomination form must be submitted for anyone to be considered for induction into the Montville High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Any current or former coach or student-athlete may submit a nomination. Nominations will be accepted from the general public.
    2. The committee will review all nominees with consideration given to level of achievement, awards and honors as a student-athlete, coach or administrator at Montville High School. Athletic achievements after Montville High School will be considered.
    3. Induction will be determined by a committee vote
  4. Induction
    1. There will be an induction ceremony set up by the committee to recognize and honor those who have been chosen by the committee as Montville High School Athletic Hall of Fame members.
    2. Inductees will receive a plaque commemorating their election.
    3. It is understood that all living inductees must be able to attend the ceremony in order to be considered.
    4. Montville High School will house an area adjacent to its gymnasium that will recognize the inductees.
  5. .By-Laws
    1. The committee has the authority to review the by-laws each year and may amend the by-laws by a majority vote of the committee.



To be considered for the 2020 class, nominations need to be submitted by March 7, 2020

Questions/Additional Information

Questions can be emailed to the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame committee at [email protected]